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The Company

Founded in 1994, Ground Control's expertise and experience have given us a unique insight into the trials and tribulations of filming away from home. We offer flexible solutions to all the challenges facing a media production.

Ground Control offers services for commercials, feature films, music videos, corporate films and photographic shoots.

Based in Oslo and with reliable contacts worldwide, our team of highly motivated specialists can help you obtain maximum production value.

The Norwegian landscape is one of enormous contrasts, from craggy peaks to sheltered coves, from glaciers to fields of wheat. The country therefore offers a huge variety of locations within easy reach of both Europe and North America. The extensive daylight afforded by the “Land of the Midnight Sun” offers unique filming opportunities, as do other natural phenomena, such as the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and the different characteristics of Norway’s four distinct seasons.

There are several daily non-stop flights to major Scandinavian destinations from North America and a dozen more from Continental Europe. We also offer production services in Russia and on Svalbard, all with breathtaking beauty and mysticism.